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Latest 2012 News About the Lake George Islands

    The Lake George islands

    Take steps NOW to save the islands for tomorrow
    From caring for the trees to keeping soap far away from the water, there are five simple things you can do every year to make sure these islands survive for years of family fun in the future. The Lake George Island Campers Association offers this simple 2012 brochure to bring to the island and share with friends as a reminder of how you can care for your favorite sites. They are beautiful but fragile, and without care they will suffer.

    Asian clams

    Stop the Asian clam invasion
    The Lake George Association needs your help to stop Asian clams from spreading across our beautiful lake. Two infestations have now been found and scientists need your help to scout out any others. The Association has created this guide to help lake lovers find and identify the clams. Findings can then be reported to the Darrin Fresh Water Institute at with your name, location where you looked, photo if you have one and whether or not you found a shell that you think might be an Asian clam.

    Clam hunters can also call the institute at (518) 644-3541 for more information.

    Lake George island camping by New York Department of Environmental Conservation

    Help keep the Queen clean this summer
    The Lake George Island Campers Association encourages campers to do their part to “Keep the Queen Clean”. Take some time during your visit to pick up trash on the islands and in the lake. Get the whole family involved! This is a great chance to teach your kids how to care for this special place. Last year there was a lot in the news about island campers and our trash. Let’s show that we can do our part. Leave the islands and the lake cleaner than you found them!

    Keep an eye (and ear) out for the loons
    Have you seen a Common Loon on Lake George? It’s an uncommonly beautiful sight and sound. But it is important to their survival that we observe them from a distance. So please, don’t disturb the loons and remember to use only lead-free fishing tackle. Click here for more information.

    Concrete fireplaces crumbling, being replaced
    Camper misuse and state budget constraints mean crumbling concrete fireplaces are being replaced with deep, metal fire rings. But are they the best solution?

    Lake George Island camping is a family tradition –
    But don’t take our word for it. Ask Dave Toborg of Schoharie, N.Y., who first camped the islands 48 years ago and has rarely missed a summer.

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Island Camping Tip

Be kind to the trees! They help keep our air and water clean and give us soil and shade. You may notice that there are not many new trees growing around the campsites. Keep nails and hatchets away from the trees. Leave bark on the trees and remove ropes from tree trunks.